Applications for Propeller 6.0 will open soon. 

  • €30,000 cash up-front
  • €15,000 in services
  • €45,000 in total for 7.5% of ordinary equity shares
  • Access to a select group of mentors & investors
  • Workshops to accelerate customer development, enterprise sales, organization, planning and investor readiness
  • Structured development plan to give your business the foundations for growth
  • Regular Founder & wider startup community events
  • 7th best accelerator in Europe

Propeller is Ireland’s most successful privately funded accelerator.

Delivered by DCU Ryan Academy in Dublin, Kauffman Fellows selected Propeller as the 7th best accelerator in Europe.

Our 29 alumni companies have to date raised almost €10 million between them – on average raising €340k each. The 5 companies which make up our 2014 class – have raised €1.3 million between them so far.

The only angel funded accelerator on the island, our funding comes solely from successful entrepreneurs. Not only do they invest during the accelerator, but several of our Propeller investors have followed their money and invested in subsequent rounds. The accelerator is delivered in partnership between the angel investors and DCU Ryan Academy.

We invest in strong ambitious teams pursuing high growth potential international business opportunities which can grow the value of their business during the course of the accelerator.

We are sector agnostic.

The teams need to be planning to develop their business from Ireland post accelerator.

What is the deal?

We invest €45k for 7.5% in ordinary shares.

We deliver:

• Net funding of €30k (€45k – €30k to company, €15k programme delivery)
•  Access to a select group of mentors and investors with experience of starting and building successful businesses. This is useful for developing customers, strategy and funding.
•  Workshops to accelerate customer development, enterprise sales, organization, planning and investor readiness.
• Structured development plan so that the business has the foundations for growth.