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June 1, 2016

Silicon Valley Programme for Late Stage Startups


Take your startup to Silicon Valley!


DCU Ryan Academy is looking for one Irish late stage startup (>€50K of funding from external investors) to travel to Silicon Valley for a “soft landing” with Mind the Bridge, the Welcome Project and Startup Europe.

You will join 3 other top startups from Berlin, Milan and Madrid/Salamanca on this trip. A soft landing in Silicon Valley to help companies commercialize products abroad, enter new markets, gain visibility and reputation in US, sign partnerships with strategic corporates/partners and raise funds from venture capitals.

Selected companies will eligible to receive:

  • a “showcase pass” (tickets+shared booth) to the “European Innovation Day” in Silicon Valley (Sep 12 th , 2016), a one‐day action-oriented investors day aimed at showcasing the best innovation coming from the EU, connecting startups, corporates, investors and policy makers with the Silicon Valley Ecosystem.
  • a full waiver for up to 1 founder each to the MTB Startup School, a 2+1-week (Aug 29 th , Sep 16 th ) training program uniquely tailored on the needs of selected later stage startups, including 60+ hours of training modules, workshops, keynotes, site visits, networking, and 1:1 mentorship.
  • a bonus of EUR 1250 to help cover travel and accommodation costs.

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Eligibility conditions:

  • Startups need to be based (or in the process of being based) in one of the 5 EU ecosystems of Startup Europe’s Welcome Project (Madrid, Salamanca, Milan, Berlin, Dublin).
  • Startups must have received at least >€50K in external funding
  • Validation/recommendations from accelerator programs is a plus

Startups will be selected by Welcome partners and experts according to the following criteria:

  • innovation of the product/service;
  • innovation of the business model;
  • potential of the market;
  • quality of the team (in terms of diversity, experience and education