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Tools October 2, 2015

Email Marketing Benchmarks

Mailchimp benchmarks

You might be wondering how your email-marketing stats compare to others in the same industry. What kind of open rates should companies like yours expect? How many bounces are too many? What’s an acceptable abuse complaint rate? The more context, the better.

This handy link shows the average email campaign stats of Mailchimp customers by industry –

Fun September 18, 2015

Traits and skills of a successful tech entrepreneur

Udacity Entrepreneurial Type

Infographic from

Successful entrepreneurs often seem like single-minded, risk taking adventurers who throw caution to the wind to build seemingly impossible dreams.  The reality is that virtually all successful entrepreneurs are actually well-rounded, disciplined and hard-working professionals with a wide array of learned skills and talents.

Have a look at this infographic to see how you measure up!

Info September 4, 2015

The Irish Tech Startup Guide

Irish Tech Startup Guide Frontline VC

For anyone intrigued by the start-up world – or already a part of it – Frontline Ventures’ guide includes accelerators, mentors and resident VCs as well as a sample list of Irish companies and people to know. It also covers meet-ups, press figures and the story of how our booming tech industry began.

The guide aims to celebrate and promote Irish entrepreneurship, while offering a 101 guide for anyone visiting the country or starting out in their career.

Tools August 21, 2015

The No-Pay MBA

Get access to everything you would learn on an MBA, but get it for free!

No-Pay MBA exists to support people who are using massive open online courses (MOOCs) and other free and low-cost online resources to get a business education equivalent to a master of business administration (MBA).

Advice August 7, 2015

Mark Manson – The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F**K

In our lives, we care a lot about many people and many things. We also deliberately choose not to care at all about many people and many things. Mark Manson – in his own witty way – describes how it’s knowing what not to care about that can make all the difference.

Info July 17, 2015

Front Line Ventures

Frontline Ventures has created the comprehensive guide for international entrepreneurs expanding to the US.  They sat down with 50+ founders, service providers, and VCs to uncover and collate all the important learnings for companies looking to set up in the US — so that you don’t have to!

Tools July 3, 2015

StartUp Growth Calculator

This tool calculates how much funding your startup needs. Assuming your expenses are constant and your revenue is growing, it shows when you’ll reach profitability and how much capital you’ll burn through before then. Once you’re profitable, you control your destiny: you can raise more to grow faster if you want.