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Julie Berg

Miito, Cross Border Mentorship Week, 2016

Paul Pontecorvo

Waynaut, Cross Border Mentorship Week 2016

Darren Cantwell

Dynamic Res, Cross Border Mentorship Week 2016

Fiona Leigh

Unipupil, Female High Fliers, 2015

Nicola Lawless

Kerry Flyer, GCENT, 2014

Dr John Buckley

Tyndall National Institute, Get Started, 2015

Olivia Smyth

The Stork Exchange, Female High Fliers 2015

Simon Dempsey

LikeWhere, Propeller 2013

Denise O'Grady

Way2Pay, Propeller 2014

Paul Healy

Fantom, Propeller 2011

Tanya Suarez

Bluspecs, Madrid (Startup Scaleup partner)

Sam Pearson

Viral M, UStart 2014

Tom Byrne

HealthComms, Propeller 2011

Linda O'Neill

LIC Ireland, Farm Entrepreneurship 2014

Brendan Casey

Swift Queue, Propeller 2012