Propeller Venture Accelerator

Applications open Feb 2015

  • €30,000 cash up-front
  • 5 month accelerator programme in Dublin’s Silicon Docks
  • For 7.5% of ordinary equity shares
  • Access to qualified expertise and networks of experienced entrepreneurs and C-level executives.
  • 5 top companies per cycle
  • Regular Founder & wider startup community events
  • 7th best accelerator in Europe

Propeller is a leading start-up accelerator investor in Ireland – we are based in the heart of Silicon Docks, in Dublin city centre. Propeller is run by the DCU Ryan Academy for Entrepreneurs. Propeller was identified as the 7th best accelerator in Europe by a Kauffman Fellows Programme study. We are funded by a group of private investors who are active in early stage technology investment.

Our investors believe the best way for great start-up teams to accelerate their business is through a process of qualified access to the expertise and networks of experienced entrepreneurs and C-level mentors. This is what Propeller does.

We only take in 6 Investee Companies per cycle. We have a competitive application process – typically there are 25 candidates for each successful application.

19 Investee Companies have completed Propeller since 2011. These businesses have on average raise €300k in third party investment – with a total of €5.7 mln raised to date.

What is on offer for an Investee Company?

  • €30k of cash toward operating costs of the business
  • Participation in the 5 month accelerator – co-working space with the other teams in Liffey Trust in Dublin’s Silicon Docks; qualified and intensive interactions with the mentor pool; workshops; access to investors and availing of the Propeller acceleration process. Valued at €15k.


What does Propeller receive from an Investee Company?

Propeller receives a 7.5% stake in the business by way of ordinary equity shares. Our legal agreements are available for viewing HERE.


What are we looking for in 2014 investee companies?

  • Impressive teams focused on B2B opportunities with deep domain expertise – ideally with prior experience of running a business.
  • Massive scalable opportunity.
  • Grounded validation
  • Some level of traction (product, usage, revenues etc)
  • Companies that are already approved, or in process of seeking approval for EII scheme with Irish Revenue.


Applications for Propeller 5.0 will open in January 2015. For updates on future programmes please follow us on  Twitter or enter your details below:






For More Details Contact

Drew O'Sullivan

Propeller Director

Tel: +353 1 700 6786